Labyrinth JARETH Necklace prop


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Hello everyone, I started this a while ago, just got around to molding and casting it up. Its the necklace/pendant from the movie Labyrinth that Jareth played by David Bowie wears. It was very difficult to find referance for this piece. Someone took a photo of the actual prop at a convention and that is what i was able to base the size of it from using the hand holding it as a guide, as well as screen grabs.

This is the actual propfrom the movie:

This is my sculpt in progress:

These are the final pulls from the mold:

Im going to paint one the dark patinated bronze color, and one chrome and gold. Lookinf for the leather braids for the necklace. Posting pics soon as i paint them, thanks for looking.
yeah, you add it to the resin, and dust the mould with it to, works well, i add quite a lot to my mixes, but experiment with it, works great with any fastcast, easyflo etc.
Thanks for the kind words

Wondering how people would like these if/when offered, kit form as seen, raw unpainted needing finishing and painting, or fully finished/painted?
I just realized that the chrome pendant is different from the one I've made so these will ask be bronze. The bronze pendant was worth in the movie during the , mc escher scene withthe staircases (best scene of the movie imo). Perhaps ill do the the chrome one after this.
OK, here are some test paints with an imperfect pull from the mold. I used a braided leather twine also as a test. What doyou think?
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