Kyras sketches and WIPs (PIC HEAVY)

If I were to start selling sketch commissions for less that $10, would anyone be interested? (Be hon

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  • Maybe, sounds interesting

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  • Id love to but I dont have the money for it =/

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  • Depends really, not too sure.

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Kyra Da Psycho

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Alright, I just had WAY too many unfinished works and sketches XD so I decided to make a thread just for them. So, here we are, to see just HOW much I really need to finish artwork lmao!

(The sketches for the poll above will all be CLEAN sketches, with the option of being inked. I'd like to keep them AVP themed for now! Mostly preds)

Im sure many of you have seen most of these pictures already from my other thread.












^this is an older, and very quick sketch. So its pretty crappy haha!


Good reference for Kyras armor, also an older and quickly drawn pic.



This was a request by Kare, his Xenomorph character and Kyra showing off their muscles hehe.


The idea of this guy was given to me by a close friend of mine, Im still working on this badass.



In this picture Kyra is escaping with her fighting partner Kaan'te and her xenomorph companion after an accidental encounter with a squad of marines. The encounter ending badly with Kaan'te losing and arm and being knocked unconsious.


A predator concept I am working on for PX Charon.


I nicknamed this guy "Python Hunter" due to the fact that his coloring is inspired by that of a white-lipped Python.




^Updated heavy pred 7/28/2011^


v Z3N-0 v


Random idea I came up with. Z3N-0 is a robot created by company hired military workers and the companies scientists. The robot was designed after the xenomorphs they studied but later dismissed the study as too dangerous and shut down most of the experiments.

Z3N-0 is one of several models created after the xenomorph, some of their features are:Optional manual (done by remote), or AI control. Synthetic voice (able to be customized but on this specific model is female). Hidden weapons, atenna on back used to communicate with company satelites. Multiple built in vents to release heat, extremely strong yet lightweight armor. Knows and understands every human language, also able to translate in any language. Gravity control unit enables it to climb walls and slow down potentially harmful falls. Large blade on tail, built in "eyes" can switch vision modes between heat, night, "normal" (humans vision) and a few others. It also includes an emergancy shut down control in case of "malfunctions" where the bot goes violent towards anything that moves.



^ I DID NOT draw this picture! It was drawn for me by another artist on deviant art. I did however color this! ^


Quick badge I started working on, if it turns out well I would like to use it in my profile X3
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Nice pictures, most I haven't seen. The designs are very cool and your costume is going to turn out very well. I might start my sculpt again, since there are SO much cracks :down:. GOOD LUCK! :p

Kyra Da Psycho

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New member of Kyras clan!


New character I came up with. His name is Mekka (pretty much a weird spelling of "mecha") and for a good reason. : well, first off, he is part of Kyras clan, which due to generations of genetic tampering caused deformations in their members, some with positive effects, some negetive, and some that dont really change much for them. All the members of their clan naturally have tipped dreads also, the color of the tips is usually the dominant skin color. But anyways lol, he was one of the unlucky ones born with a more severe mutation. He was born a mute and with breathing problems. luckily for him, the clan was very good with robotics and dealing with genetic deformations. So they built a device that helped him breathe, and also allowed him to speak. due to his breathing issues though, he is limited on what he can do physicly. So he started to gain some weight due to lack of activity XD however he is still a very skilled hunter, he's only limited on how long he can go and how hard he can try. Ive decided his voice would sound like the synthetic voice in this song

(Hard to tell on this pic, but theres a device embedded in his neck which allows him to speak and helps him breathe)

Kyra Da Psycho

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Art of other members OC's

Ea'kath and Kyra


Was randomly inspired to draw Dark Huntress' character Ea'kath with Kyra and their xenomorph companions. I havnt gotten much done yet but I will try to update this as soon as I can!


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I love your drawing style! The stories and concepts you come with are always so interesting...can't wait for more!

Kyra Da Psycho

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I love your drawing style! The stories and concepts you come with are always so interesting...can't wait for more!

Why thank you! Glad you do, as for the stories, I try to make them as unique and interesting as possible. I seem to like giving my predator characters problems that they learn to adapt to and they dont let it bother them. Guess Im putting a little bit of me in each character =p