Kyra Da Psychos art (Pic Heavy!)

Kyra Da Psycho

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Hello everyone! Im still working on getting used to drawing Yautja and Xenomorphs, so please excuse any anatomical flaws I may have XD

I will try to keep this updated as often as possible, and its likely I'll be posting more sketches then finished artwork lol. Anyways, please enjoy!

So far Im still working on Kyras design, fixing up things here and there, but for now Im mostly happy with how she looks, here are some pics Ive done of her so far.

As of right now, this is the only colored picture of Kyra Ive done, please dont mind the pose! XD
May be hard to tell, but she is supposed to be glaring at the veiwer.

Hahaaa, lookit Kyra showin off dem muscles of hers, I really wish I could draw them better >.O

Not a very good pose, and I dont like the gauntlet one bit XD but this was mainly drawn to show the mask and collar/chestplate idea I had for her. Thats not all the armor she will have im sure, but thats what I got so far lol. The skulls on her loincloth were sculpted by her, they look very realistic (well are supposed to >.>) and are meant to intimidate. Supposed to look like they are glaring at those before her.


Additional info about Kyra:

She is considered an amazon to the preds, very tall and muscular especially for her age. In predator years she would be about 18 (like me XD) and still learning how to hunt, she is very skilled, no doubt, but sometimes she may make the wrong decision or overlook simple things (such as forgetting her camo cant handle water, and some branches arent strong enough to carry her >.> )

She has her times when she can be a complete badass, however nobody never makes mistakes. She is highly skilled in hand to hand combat and using bladed weapons, she prefers not to use her plasma cannon. Although she can be very violent and seemingly cold blooded, she is very curious, and may wind up watching her prey for hours rather than actually hunting. Sometimes she gets curious of how some will react to her appearence when alone, and at night if she finds a human alone she will lure them somewhere further away from others and uncloak herself (few times she misjudged how dangerous they were and wound up getting shot)

Due to her curious nature, if a human doesnt pose a threat to her she will sometimes try to approach them, and even mess around with some things left unattended. She is a softie for animals and creatures, including the xenomorph. Oddly enough, she seems to 'connect' with very few Xenos, usually the ones that seem less aggressive, and possibly separated from their hive, she was lucky enough to encounter one Xenomorph that she quickly bonded with. This xeno seemed to adopt her as its mother, following Kyra around and guiding her away from danger (usually away from more aggressive Xenomorphs).

I have been thinking of a way to explain her size and different coloration, the idea I came up with is that she is a mix of the "classic" predator, and the "super" predator. Her father being a super predator kicked from hs clan when they found out he disagreed with the killing of other species of yautja. Her mother being a "classic" predator. She took on the size of the super, and some color patterns, while mostly keeping the same facial structure of that of a classic.

Okay, enough text haha, I will add more art later as I get more drawn, scanned, colored w/e.

A Hunters Moon

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Very cool. Great work too. For some reason I'm drawn to the middle pic. I dunno, I see it with her hands on the hilt of a sword standing on top of a massive kill. Kind of a Frank Frazetta Death Dealer pose. Can't wait to see more from you.

Kyra Da Psycho

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Wooh! Moar pics! XD

Pred Kyra ID idea (WIP)

Just a quick sketch of an idea for a possible ID on Deviant art.

fukin KNOCK KNOCK (please excuse the language =p)

Seems someone ticked off the wrong pred XD nother sketch in the works (noticing a theme here? lmao!) of Kyra kicking in a door to one of the marines barroks (or whatever its called >.> Im not very edumacated in military stuffs... ehehe)

Sizing up...

Just a quick sketch I drew, not the best yet not the worst. Seems Kyra met Mr. Black (Or the Berserker pred) and is sizing up a little X3 least thats what I tried making it look like. I failed on the puffed out chest look on them, and looks more like they're just staring at eachother XD what happens next? Who knows =p

P.S. Some of the current armor design (the collar part of the chest plate) belongs to Bender. I merged some of his design with mine =p gotta see the pic Bender drew for me, its awesome!

Tuesday, May 3 2011:

More pics X3

Kyra as a Predalien

My recent icon of Kyra

New predator character (WIP)

I know I have some of his anatomy wrong lol, gonna try fixing that on my computer, may color him with colored pencils as well.

The sketches were drawn while I was at the hospital visiting my grandma, the icon I drew after I got home yesterday. I put these ones in order of when they were drawn.

Wednesday, May 04 2011

More Sketches from while I was at the hospital visiting grandma again.

New pred character ( colored WIP)

The scanner screwed up his colors =/

Another pic of Kyra as a predalien

enjoy! (I should really just make a topic for my finished art XD too many WIPs)

Uploaded 8:45PM 6/9/2011

"Dont fear me, my friend"


Ive been listening to a song thats a remix, and this single line said once in the song inspired this picture "You dont need to hide, my friend, for I'm just like you.." the song in general is pretty nice as well.

Anyways, this guy is another lost member of Kyras clan, he is definately soft for a pred, probably even soft in human standards XD this guy was never one for fighting "without reason" and was far more interested in helping others. So he wound up staying with the clan while the ounger preds (and some elites) went off to hunt. He helped the sickly and injured women, children and elder predators, as well as the injured ones returning from a hunt.

This guy, since separated from his clan (which most were slaughtered) has formed what would be considered an odd habit. Rather than collecting trophies of those killed, he would take a bead necklace/bracelet, or if he was out, a charm from a necklace, ect. attached to his armor and place it in the hand of the one he killed. He would then place their hand (closed) on their chest as his way of wishing them the best in their afterlife. He felt that if a being had to be killed because he failed at being sneaky enough around them that their death was his fault.

Other predators however, mostly males, dont take him seriously, rather the ones who know about him will mock and challenge him, calling him a coward when he turns down their challenge. Because of this he does his best to avoid others of his kind and help those he can, weather it be of his species, a native creature, or even humans.

I'll stop rambling for now haha! Enjoy!~

Art and character belongs to me
Predator species belongs to Stan Winston



^ I did not draw this picture! It was a request of mine from Deadklown on deviant art, I only colored it. The original armor design shown in this pic belongs to Bender18


A silly gift I made for Mavs birthday of his marine character, Sgt. Mav and Kyra posing for a picture.


Heres a few WIP pictures Ive been doing recently.

Heavy Pred


Pretty awesome design a friend of mine came up with and asked me to draw. I love how his build turned out. Easily the best pred face Ive drawn X3

Kyra bust shot


Kyra Da Psycho

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[quote name='A Hunter's Moon' post='287862' date='Apr 16 2011, 09:24 AM']Very cool. Great work too. For some reason I'm drawn to the middle pic. I dunno, I see it with her hands on the hilt of a sword standing on top of a massive kill. Kind of a Frank Frazetta Death Dealer pose. Can't wait to see more from you. [/quote]

Hehe, glad you like it!


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Loving these! I love some of the poses so much! Also interesting to draw her as a predalien. The one with her knocking down the door is badass :)
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