kylo ren rubies flick rebuild/modification

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by ajb3art, Sep 2, 2015.

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    so i found a kylo rubies flick early cuz a certain halloween store didn't read the restraint contract by disney sent out lol. so its atrocious paint job beckoned but it did have wiring for a light source so i thought maybe i could turn this into something more fun for halloween. its not super accurate but right now it works just fine for me. I plan on redoing the blades making them all removable, and trying to add some fx repaint of course and molding the blades for energy pulses. we'll see how it goes. interesting notes that the pommel is hollow on the bottom and they seem to have painted the very bottom red, i guess another beam comes out the bottom. overall enjoying the build. 20150830_153624.jpg 20150830_153641.jpg 20150830_153707.jpg 20150830_215410.jpg 20150830_215429.jpg 20150901_214605.jpg 20150901_214631.jpg
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    Whoa I'm so jealous you already got stuff!! Looks pretty good to me!
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    Night and day!

    Looking good!

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