Kylo Ren helmet/costume


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So I just got the new Kylo Ren FX lightsaber and it has inspired me to get a Kylo Ren costume for the release of TFA and possibly Halloween. The problem is I don't know how to make this stuff and everything store bought looks like a cheap piece of crap. So I'm wondering if anyone here would be interested in making at least a nice Kylo Ren Helmet for me?


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hey! do you know it happened to me as well! my girlfriend surprised me with the black series FX saber. i now have the bug, there is a great thread here about the tunic and sleeves, that same starter of that thread is doing a run of extremely accurate fabric. i have never used a sewing machine but my girlfriend has very basic sewing machine skills, i am eager to try it out...

here it is here

its a good read from start to finish, i have to double check but i think he also have public 3d print files for the saber clip and belt holster. in the beginning of the thread i think it shows him making the belt, trust me read it from start to finish it really has me hooked on tackling this, my biggest problem is i dont know if i have enough time to complete this in 4 months...


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Been practising the sleeves with cheap lining fabric


Pleating the whole square then cutting out seems to be best option.


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I'm surprised no one has offered a full Kylo Ren costume in the Project Runs section yet. I'd be down for a costume since I have no costume making skills whatsoever. I have a helmet being made just need a costume.:(

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Probably because of the amount of work involved. Pleats, pleats, and more pleats- this will require a labor of love, lol.