Unlimited Run Kylo Ren: Buckle Cast


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Good Evening Folks this is my Project run thread for the Kylo Ren Buckle, feel free to review my progress here:


PRICE: £15 + Shipping
Delivery Time: will vary based on demand but i expect to be able to push at least 2 casts a day on week day and more on weekends, i have 2 molds set-up and will scale up as demand requires

it will be cast in PU Resin

here is the Blueprint of the buckle:

here is the Laser Sintered Master (Left) and a cast (Right)
sgryseW.jpg oOBMqBf.jpg

it is designed to work on a 5" Belt (127mm)

The buckles will be graded in as follows, REJECTs will not be sold in this run:

  • A+ No defects what so-ever - Pass
  • A Minor Bubbles on rear face only - Pass
  • B no more than 2 Minor Bubbles on bottom edge less than 5mm - Pass
  • C More than 2 Bubbles on the face - REJECT
  • D Major Face Bubbles - REJECT




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Evil Benius

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This ended up coming out great and I put in for an order of one. Now I can watch your helmet thread with even more anticipation.


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Sent submission! Anyone decide on the correct color for this? Any suggestions on painting it up?


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Good Evening!

Firstly I want to thank EVERYONE who has made a Purchase of my cast so far it's bowled me over! in 24 hours I've had over 20 orders which is so much more than I expected. but I can handle it !! :)

here are the first set finished now:

View attachment 476052
Ready to Go Soon!
View attachment 476053
Face Up
View attachment 476055
All my Bucks in a row

I will ship in 1 week to allow them to fully out-gas i expect they should arrive with you at the latest by the end of the month there will be no tracking but you will receive an additional email on the day I dispatch your buckle.

Thank you for your support! if you like my work I'd appreciate it if you could join my page and even share it if you so feel inclined this will help me expand and enable me to continue offering cool props!

Luke AkA 'Sni9er' Daley
=JJ= Industries
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