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Hi guys,

Well some of you already know that Scott (Mannowar) and Kyle (Hyphyjuice503) had trusted me with the building and painting of a suit.
This will be the third time I put my hands on a suit but I have change a lot of things, starting from now the use of inks, new techniques, thanks to a good friend up north :p , new fresh ideas that i will be showing to all of you the best I can.

Today I received the parts needed to make this suit come to life,

*Head piece, skins, armor, hands feet and other bits by Scott (Mannowar)
*P1 Cannon by Carl (Carlart) Never seen one of them before, top notch.
*P1 Helmet by Paul (Hez)
*Dreads, P1 beads and Lasers by Casey (BioHunter76)

What I'll be doing in the next couple days it will be washing the latex with some warm soapy water, to get rid of talc. Also I'll be trimming the seams, and hopefully will start to do a couple strokes of ink by sunday.
I'm still waiting for my new airbrush Iwata Eclipse, should be here tomorrow so, i'm excited to start this suit already.
Oh! yeah the concept that I'll be going for is a young/elder if that make sense lol

Well NOW lets go to some pics and let the madness begin !!!!!





And the little corner, that I call my studio


Thanks for looking

Im real excited for the work to be done Chris!!! For all who dont know, im new at this. Been talking to Scott and Chris for a few months now getting details and what-not. I have no doubt that this gonna be a great looking suit!! U guys better not be jealous when its all done LoL :p .....looking foward to seeing your work bud!

My favorite ..yet most nerve wracking part. All the parts are here where do I start? Ha ..Have fun brother ..its gonna look great
Your studio is so clean... and looks so nice.... :p

Get it dirty! :)

Nice to see you're starting with this project, so you're going with the grey skin and blue hints you talked about earlier (have not answered that PM have I :unsure:)?
Good luck with it. :)
Thank you guys for your good words, and Nikki YES!! I'll be working with shades of blues, grays and blacks..

I been up since 7am. cutting seams and using the dremel, and finally i sat down and started the first piece ( Yayeee I finally decide what to paint first) and this is what i came with, still 70% done, need a little more weathering and should good to go. Let me know what do you think.




Chris, in your first post you mentioned using Inks.

Is that what these paints are?

If so whats the deal? They easy to work with etc?
Chris, in your first post you mentioned using Inks.

Is that what these paints are?

If so whats the deal? They easy to work with etc?

Yes, they are acrylic inks, im using FW inks and Liquitex, mixed with alcohol. They are very easy to work with, still trying to get use of the measurements but they are very good in a airbrush. no clogs so far. Def happy with these inks.





I absolutely love the work so far!!! I already know u other ppl are jealous hahahaha jk jk! After seeing ur work the wait I'd now killing me! Another month is gonna suck, but I kn0 the end result is gonna be the ish! Thanx again for all the long hrs u put in for me. Can't wait to see the end result. I HIGHLEY recommend Chris to all the ppl here. He's doing a great job and always keeps you informed. Get ready to see a great suit made!!

Dude you literally have been at it all day long!!

Funny cuz I am down in my shop doing the same on my P1 sculpt.

What is the main inspiration for this suit? I noticed he is Blue.
Thanks Colm, I appreciate the comments.

I almost finish mask, and i feel happy with the results. Still need to work on toning down the mandibles, maybe adding some white also some dreads and beads..oh! yeah and quills.
Hope you like it Kyle !!






Thanks for looking !!!
Luvin ur work bro!!!! I can only imagine what the the skin is gonna look like!! I really wanna see what ur gonna do with the quills. Who knows, once i start winning sum money ill have u build my gf one LoL!!!! Good work brother, only a few more weeks till shes done!!! :rolleyes: :lol:

I'm really glad you liked it bud, I really have to say it again these inks are awesome!! Never used them before but i love to build up the colors with the airbrush lol..

Still a lot to do... more to come tonight after gym !!!! so stay tuned !!!
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