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Okay kidlets!

I've had this bee in my bonnet for a long time. I've always wanted an accurate copy of Kurtz dossier. I've been screenshotting a ton and making a list. Here's my list of master documents. I've got two categories. Seen and unseen, or "canon" and "non canon".

I've already made a ton of these documents and pictures (double ** indicates that I've made that particular document). I'll start posting the finished pdfs later today and this week. I'll have some questions for our members in the military regarding Kurtz history.

Without further ado, here's the list:

Official list of seen items in Kurtz dossier

1. Picture of Kurtz 5”x7” (matte) **
2. Envelope.
Side opening manilla, 9”x12”. With tape, red pencil over the tape to prevent tampering, and a string closure and a wax seal. Wax seal has a military type bird (eagle?) in the center and is large (perhaps over 1” dia.) Has text printed on envelope on two opposite corners on the front and a white label in the middle. Presumably addressed to Capt. Willard.
3. Letter of Appreciation For the Cobra Fly By. (half visible, I added 3rd paragraph.) (30 August 1965) [copy paper]**
4. Letter of Commendation (10 may 1964) [copy paper]**
5. Military Transcript with DOD stamp (could be better)**
Note: Items 3, 4 and 5, plus everything in red, is in a single packet with a two hole paper fastener
6. Top Secret Cover Sheet (An old form of the standard sf-705 cover sheet, not in use since 1988)**
7. Letter to Lyndon Johnson from Kurtz (9 March 1964)**
8. Picture of Kurtz being decorated by Westmoreland (promotion to Captain?)**
9. Article“Officer Passes Jump School at 38” (held to other articles by regular paper clip) (approx 1965)**
10. Picture Parachute jumping (goes with Jump School article above)**
11. Kurtz Letter “you have known me for 18 years” [onion skin]
12.Kurtz' rejection from special forces (request for transfer- denied )
13. Kurtz' rejection from special forces (request for transfer- denied )
14. Kurtz acceptance to special forces. (request for transfer accepted)
15. Letter to Kurtz from “Willie” Exhorting him not to join Special forces.
16. Certificate Dod, psy ops training cert. [photostat]
17. 4 certificates on one sheet, black background (two visible, west point graduation, Defense Intilligences school, other two aren't clear)**
18. Picture of Kurtz mom Can't fix screengrab, find something similar.
19. Picture of young kurtz**
20. Newsweek interior “Operation Archangel**
21. Article cutout “Saigon Post”
22. Article cutout “Green Beret Colonel Under Fire (glued to full paper sheet. Width of 2 columns)**
23. Kurtz CV
24. Photo Holder with 5 Vietnamese Ids in it (vinyl 6”x 9” with snap and “War Office” logo on back)
25. CIA stationery (seen under above)
26. Photo holder(s) (vinyl 6”x 9” with snap and “War Office” logo on back) (we see at least 4 of these)
27. Photo packet 8x10 with batallion picture on front, held by paper clip.
28.Several Photo packets, Held by paper clips
29. Article packets bound with paper clips
30. Kurtz' letter to the Journal of SE Asian Affairs
31. TOP SECRET folder, brown, with stamped sticker letter “IVORY IV” Top secret is lettered in military stencil style
32. Photo packet
Montagard photograph
NVA Regular photograph
Mai Lai “extended fighting photograph
Soldier standing with row of rifles with helmets
Two soldiers standing photograph
33. Kurtz' letter to son [onion skin]**
34. Surveillance photo of kurtz in Sillouhette (along with printed typed key taped to side)**
35. Letter to Willard 'New Development” pick up the other special forces guy Colby
36. Colby letter to wife
37. Picture of Colby**
38. Map of Vietnam, Cambodia (special us military topo map. On bottom it says “dong sre viet” from 1965. These show up on Ebay from time to time.
39. Picture Kurtz Wedding
40. Picture Kurtz oath west point**
41. Picture Young Kurtz (school picture**
42. Vietnamese Ids**
43. Picture Cadet Kurtz (from west point presumably)**
44. Picture Kurtz in Uniform (seen next to original picture of kurtz, with an IDEAL paper clip holding it**
45. Kurtz Time Magazine Cover (Includes Terryton ad for Cigarettes- Print on glossy thin photo paper)**
46. Kurtz Rolling Stone Cover (no back, print on Newsprint)**


Picture of Kurtz house in Asheville
Kurtz' Marriage License
Kurtz being decorated by Lyndon Johnson**
Promotion to 1st Lieutenant Between 1947-49 [copy paper]
Promotion to Major Between 1950- [copy paper]
Promotion to captain Seoul, 1951 [copy paper]
Promotion to 2nd lieutenant [copy paper]
Birth Certificate Kurrtz 1927**
West point Acceptance *joined the Class of 1946 at West Point on 1 July 1943.**
West Point Transcript
PICTURE yearbook page from West Point
Harvard Diploma 1949/50**
Harvard transcript 1949/50 [copy paper]**
thesis from harvard 1950 [copy paper]**
Operation Archangel letter of intent (or completion)
Operation Archangel Reprimand
Marriage certificate (Janet Anderson, 14 June 1951.) [pinker paper]**
Letter of commendation
Promotion to Colonel
Official condemnation of letter
Termination and recall letter (from military superiors
CIA report on Kurtz activities (after he's gone up the river)

I believe that there is an overall structure to the Kurtz Dossier. I think that there are 4 folders. The dark brown kind. Labeled “IVORY I, II, III AND IV” (“Ivory” label is in a RED Dymo label) Each folder is also stamped “top secret”. Each folder has a 6x9” vinyl photo packet with a 'United States War Office” logo on the black back (front of pouch is clear)

If I had to hazard a guess. I'd say that the Ivory Folders are in the following categories:

Ivory I Is Kurtz' early history. From birth, through high school, to west point. Pictures include mom, him as a young lad, Kurtz as Cadet, Kurtz taking oath. His harvard Thesis is here.

Ivory II Is Kurtz commendations. Letters of appreciation, Letters of commendation. Promotions, diplomas, medals, certificates of achievement are all in here. Newspaper articles about his achievements are in here. The list of medals is impressive. Several letters attesting to his bravery are here. Photostats of his medal certificates are here too.

Ivory III Kurtz history, military transcripts, his collected correspondence with his superiors. Requests for transfer. Suggestions to superiors. Letters among superiors regarding his talents are here. Letters from Kurtz' friends asking him to settle down are here. His “You've known me for 18 years” letter is here.

Ivory IV Is everything after Kurtz went insane. It's surveillance photographs, smuggled photos, hearsay, interviews with local Cambodians. Kurtz' letter to his son is in here. It includes Colby's letter to his wife etc. It's all post-river stuff.
I know it's a bit of a long shot but I presume you've tried Mike Salisbury, his office made the original, it is a truly densely packed piece of work, a properly made hero prop.
You are my HERO! I have wanted this prop for many years. I was in the Marines for 13 years, let me know what you need as far as help.

I did correspond with Mike Salisbury. He no longer has the original. Or any copies of original parts. He put me on to two other people, neither of whom could help.

I feel that it's very well represented in the film. I've added what I assume to be non-canon pieces that would be standard in such a prop. Such a dossier.

Military members: I'm assuming that medals are preceded by a letter from your CO or some such. I can't find any copies or even text of letters like that.
I need help concocting Kurtz letters of promotion and letters for his medals.

I would also imagine that late in the file would be some CIA reports about Kurtz post-breakdown. Location stories, escapees etc.
Some shots of the ID cards, Kurtz's wedding photo. and a couple of magazine covers.
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In one of the first scenes, he's seen looking at a sheaf of papers, all seeming to be Letters of Commendation, and he comes across a document that looks like a military transcript, or CV. It has a Department of Defense stamp on it and on it the following medals are listed:
Purple Heart
Bronze Star w/ 2 Oak Leaf Clusters
Silver Star
Army Combat Medal, w/V for Valor
Jump Master Wings

Also in the Narration, Willard says that Kurtz "had a thousand decorations".

Are there other "Decorations" besides medals?

I haven't been able to find a copy or representation of this specific form. Bonus points if anyone knows what it's called and can find a copy.
Yeah, I have all those pics. Watch out for the site selling that ID card. The ad states that the ID card was "painstakingly replicated by the prop department" yet doesn't appear in the film.
What they're selling is one of these:
Nam War 2 South Vietnamese ID Cards Issued Year 1969 | eBay

They're inexpensive, and there are 6 seen in the film. I think they just bought them surplus. I know I did. I paid about 10 bucks each on eBay.
Yeah, I have all those pics. Watch out for the site selling that ID card. The ad states that the ID card was "painstakingly replicated by the prop department" yet doesn't appear in the film.
What they're selling is one of these:
Nam War 2 South Vietnamese ID Cards Issued Year 1969 | eBay

They're inexpensive, and there are 6 seen in the film. I think they just bought them surplus. I know I did. I paid about 10 bucks each on eBay.

Oh well, I figured I would post what I had, you never know when it might be useful.

Above I should state more correctly:
I "believe" that that's what they're selling. I can't see a prop department wasting time with something that is plentiful now, must have been extra plentiful then.
That's only my opinion, which doesn't matter in the least, because there are enough of the real ones to go around!
Oh well, I figured I would post what I had, you never know when it might be useful.

I didn't mean to be dismissive. I'm so sorry. I've been scouring the web for weeks about this file. I'm going to start posting my final pdfs soon.

Again, apologies.
Here's my scrubbed Kurtz picture. The one Harrison Ford hands to Martin Sheen. My guess, from the film reference I have, is that it's matte finish, 5"x7".
Here's Item number 3. The Letter of Appreciation.

The screenshot here is what I had to go on. Not sure if there's a signature down on the bottom. I think there ought to be.
And here's the screenshot and pdf of Item number 4, Letter of Commendation.
This one looks to be printed on a light green onion skin paper. You can see the Military stamped CV (or transcript) below through the letter's thin paper.

Anyone got a source for thin green paper?
Last post for tonight. Item number 6. A U.S. Military "Confidential" cover sheet can be seen at one point while Willard is looking through the file.
The new type of these (in use since 1988) has different language, so I grabbed what I could from the screenshot, and made up the rest from reading the statutory language about the cases these cover sheets are used.
Are you gonna do the back side of item 3? There are at least 6 paragraphs on the front probably 7 and a grid on the back (full of blury gibberish), I haven't got the dvd but you can get the idea from this youtube screen
View attachment 56767
I also wrote out as much as I could decipher of the body text from the little we see of the document.

1. I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for
your assistance in making the Cobra fly-by, during the ceremonies marking
the National Week of Concern, such a success.

2. The fly-by formation of Cobra's from the 155th Aviation Company was
termed "a most appropriate and impressive tribute to the hundreds of
American servicemen who are still held as prisoners or listed as missing
in action and to their next-of-kin" by Major General Moses, Commanding
General, Fort Ord.

3. Brigadier General Ochs, Commanding General, United States Army
Developments Experimentation Command, adds his sincere thanks
for a job well done.

4. Your spirit and extra effort in the
fly-by brought further honours and

5. Again, my sincere



p.s. that form with the eagle splashed across it looks like a dd214 with some slight modification, i.e. giant bird and some minor changes to the lower boxes.
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That's IT! Awesome. Nice work on the form dd14. That's exactly what I've been looking for.

Working on more now.

Here's item number 9, the "Officer Passes Jump School at 38" article.
I worked hard on this one. I believe it to be as accurate as I could make it.

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