Kurtz Dossier HD Grabs

Mr Webber

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I put these grabs together of the dossier as a prelim to try and start something and was then pointed to Adams incredible thread so thought that posting the grabs would compliment his thread and might help. Dont have Redux on HD so any grabs of the Dossier scenes not in the original, i think there are a few would be appreciated. The last two pics are out of sequence.

View attachment 76249View attachment 76250View attachment 76251View attachment 76252View attachment 76253

View attachment 76254View attachment 76255View attachment 76256View attachment 76257View attachment 76258

View attachment 76259View attachment 76260View attachment 76261View attachment 76262View attachment 76263

View attachment 76264View attachment 76265View attachment 76266View attachment 76267View attachment 76268

View attachment 76269View attachment 76270View attachment 76271View attachment 76272View attachment 76273

View attachment 76275View attachment 76276View attachment 76277View attachment 76278View attachment 76279

View attachment 76280View attachment 76281View attachment 76282View attachment 76283View attachment 76284

View attachment 76285View attachment 76286View attachment 76287View attachment 76288View attachment 76289

View attachment 76290View attachment 76291View attachment 76292View attachment 76293View attachment 76294

View attachment 76295View attachment 76296View attachment 76297View attachment 76298View attachment 76299

View attachment 76301View attachment 76302View attachment 76303View attachment 76304View attachment 76305

View attachment 76306View attachment 76307View attachment 76308View attachment 76309View attachment 76310

View attachment 76311View attachment 76312View attachment 76313View attachment 76314View attachment 76315

View attachment 76316View attachment 76274View attachment 76300
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