Kuromi Cosplay


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I am doing a Kuromi cosplay and I am doing it with a dress but my problem is the staff. I need tips on what type of glue is the best for pom poms. Like long lasting because I am going to a Sanrio con in Japan that lasts 24 hours and you have to stay for ALL 24!! Any tips?


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Pom-poms are usually made by taking many wraps of yarn around a form where its width matches the desired diameter, and tying the strands very tightly together in the middle. The ends of all the loops are then cut open and fluffed out (and clipped as needed to neaten and) to form the pom-pom. Instead of gluing just a few of the pom-pom ends you will be better off to tie (or sew) the pom-pom to the staff or whatever you re trying to attach it. Gluing just the ends will put all the stress on those few strands and cause them to pull out of the middle tie and the pom-pom will fall apart as all the other strands loosen.

If you are making the pom-pom you can keep the ends of the center tie extra long and use them to attach the pom-pom. If you re using pre-made pom-poms, look carefully in the center to find the center tie and use a needle to run a strong matching color thread or yarn through the knot to use to attach the pom-pom. Hope this helps.

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