Kung fu - dragon/tiger forearm tattoos?


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Hey guys!

I hope this counts as paper craft - I'm hoping to find hi res graphics I could use with temporary tattoo ink jet paper, of Kwai Chang Caine's forearm tattoos from the 70's tv show, Kung Fu.









Hoping I could get some of you geniuses interested! I would guess that the original prop urn is nowhere to be found after so many years. :(

Still - any thoughts would be most welcome!
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Mind would be a little work involved but reproducing said tattoo, actually brandings, could be done as a 3D 'paper' prop from latex and-or silicon.

One would need to carve the designs into blueboard or plaster then cast in silicon, allow to set-cure, remove paint and there you are.
I would love to see someone find an accurate set of these....the temporary tattoos is a Fantastic Idea! I would love to pass a set of these out to my karate classes.
old post, don't know if someone is waiting for this or like to see it come to life...
I can reproduce the burnings ( no tattoos) in photoshop, actually working on it,
some help:
1- aprox size?
2- how to do a mold to cast it? what material to carve in? maybe I am not the best, but i had some skills carving in the past...

so if someone can point me to a nice material to do the molding i can try

sorry for re post...
also if someone with more experience in burning can tell me what is embossed... can be helpful
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