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Kull Warrior/Super Soldier costumes Stargate SG-1


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Not sure if this is the right board to ask but I thought I could at least try.

I was asking myself if anyone knew how many sets of the Kull Warrior armor were made for the production of SG-1. I'm trying to find out if there are still some pieces out there and would be happy about every info I can get.

Thank you!


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To my knowledge, only 2 complete armor were sold (1 by Legends Memorabilia & 1 by Propworx), and several isolated parts.


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Ya, two suits were sold.. Was hoping that there are still some single parts around..

cheech9898, from when was the behind the scenes video? I may be wrong here, but wasn't the Kull Warrior featured on Atlantis after the first suit was sold? Would be interesting to know if it was a second suit or a new one.
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