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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Muad'Dib MD2B, Apr 12, 2006.

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    Some quick questions for all you expert (spray) painters,

    I'm planning to use Krylon Interior/Exterior spray paint on a smooth metal surface and I'm wondering what I should do to ensure quality/durability. So...

    -What kind of prep work should I do to get the surface ready before painting? Should I lightly sand/prime it, or can I just go straight to the paint colors I'm using?

    -Is the paint "sturdy" enough on its own, or should I put on a clear coat to finish it up?

    I originally made a post in Off Topic about the project (a shield with my Irish family crest on it to hang on the wall) because I didn't think it belonged in the main Prop Forum, but decided to post here because I want to focus on the painting aspect of it. Any advice is appreciated from you experts, since I don't have any experience with spray paint.

  2. Darth Detroit

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    Sand it
    Primer it
    Wet sand
    wet sand
  3. motman241

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    I've had no problems with any of the Krylon spray paints, except the H2O stuff, which was a bit runny and watery. I use either regular or the Fusion on metal, and it all turns out just fine.
  4. Muad'Dib MD2B

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    Thanks for the advice, guys. It looks like this won't be a very difficult project then.

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