Interest KRULL - "The GLAIVE"!!! Metal-casting KIT!!!


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~ The GLAIVE ~

This is a new run of the "GLAIVE" from the 80's Cult-Classic film "KRULL"!!!

I partnered up with my friend Bruce, who is amazing at 3D modelling, to help bring to life the most accurate representation of the "Glaive" to date!

Measurements and details were meticulously replicated from photos of the original prop!!!

So, you are getting an extremely accurate casting of the original Glaive, and you can't get any closer to owning the original prop than owning this beautiful replica.

Static display piece only, with no retracting blades!


The KIT includes the Chrome-Plated Bronze Metal Body w/ Blades, Green & Red Resin Inlays already applied, and 12 Swarovski Crystals!!!

You will only have to paint the 'White' accents, apply the 'Gold Leaf' on the Runes, and glue on the Crystals and Blades!

I would offer to do it, but it is very time consuming and too much for me offer at an affordable price...
...but, I am going to apply the Red and Green Resin Inlays to make it a little easier! ;)

To finish this kit, it really doesn't require much skill... It's very easy, and just a lot of time involved for paint and glue to dry in stages...

I've done the hardest part for you, by pouring the Green & Red Resin Inlays.
Plus, I will provide guidance and instructions on how to complete the Glaive as well!

Every detail is crisp and exactly like the original! As you can see from the photos below, you can see the details match the screen captures exactly!

Dimensions: About 14 inches in diameter

Price: (Shipping NOT Included!)
Estimated to be between $425 - 450 USD. Depending on what shipping from the factory will be...
A complete ‘Finished’ Glaive, will be $2,000!

Post here if you would like to be added to the Interest List! I'll keep this thread updated as this project progresses with the prototype and pricing!

Interest List:
1. ahoudini
2. aceg1
3. the Pawn
5. Jedifyfe
6. glottis
8. AdamHunter
10. Dumog
11. Lost in Trek
12. enterprise0216
13. clmayfield
14. dmccue
15. Shinki-Ro
17. Whiskey
18. zort173
19. major payne
20. Treeman
21. Drakonnen
22. Auberon
23. TxBabyHuey
24. jagordon725
25. darth2518
26. ARKM
27. mbmcfarland
28. BlindVoyeur (x3)
29. MattMunson
30. Stormshadow
31. mugatu
32. Simpson77
33. el toro
34. NACZ3
35. staticweb23
36. dashrender
37. xstoys
38. xcelsior
39. Davard74
40. Astyanax
42. Nicksdad
43. Eternal Collect
44. StormFallen2
45. Hatefrost
46. Caddilac
47. TomVDJ
48. chadcham
49. Kerberos23
50. Vader1
51. Clutch
52. Jimlife3178
53. Dboboc
54. Darth Milo
55. wraithride
56. Stuey
57. MacCyber
58. Macorrie
59. BorgHive
60. Physion
61. MattMunson
62. Digital Mayhem
63. NeoRutty
64. Luuke
65. beefmalone
66. camprandall
67. Captainrob
68. Dapper
69. rad1701
70. mrsmartypants
71. Rogue428
72. hvasquez1973
73. KnightAsylum
74. staticweb23
75. Miek
76. Chuckydit
77. GoneSolo
78. EmmaInCandyland
79. KarlBud420
80. grendeltoe
81. scottjua
82. darth2518
83. faust1103
84. ahoudini
85. Stormer
86. Wakal
87. Trooper_trent
88. TridCloudwalker
89. nikmel420
90. Godric
91. eaviii
92. badraven
93. Gla008
94. goldcylon
95. Jawakilla
96. mwalker2544
97. Incrysis
98. Pitbull
99. zsherman
100. rictus
101. Gflash
102. Gremlin666
103. Dboboc
104. mccoy
105. Nicodimas
106. Johnnyb
107. Jediwannabe
108. Martin
109. geekwarrior77
110. Movie Magic
111. bshumakr
112. Zuiun
113. Doug13031
114. KodonArmada
115. PalmerBS
116. Snowtrooper
117. shpider
118. Iron Stark
119. ft4jsde








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Hi RelicMaker, Please add me to this as well I am big Krull fan like many here. If and when a functional Glaives become available just PM so I don’t miss that fantastic opportunity. Thank you to you and Bruce for tackling such an ICONIC piece.

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