Krull Glaive


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krull was the first movie I saw on VHS. My Dad bought a VHS machine second hand from someone at his work and also borrowed a movie for us all to watch. The movie imprinted itself on me as something very exciting and now as an adult I finally decided to make my own Glaive.

First I drew out the design to scale then cut out layers on art board.

then I Glued them all together. Making sure to cover all the cardboard with the superglue so they would be hard and waterproof.


Then I used milliput to add material to the sides and added a bevel. I cut up the barrel of an old pen and glued it to the insert on the ends of the arms. I then glued plastic red gems to them.


I painted the whole thing gold with silver and black accents. as well as adding the glyphs to the arms . I then gave the whole thing a clear coat. the blades go into recess's. the Blades are made from strips of plastic covered in foil tape. the kind used for insulation. I then scuffed them up to take some of the shine off. I glued a large plastic clear gem in the centre. This is a temporary one as its 30mm and it really needs one that is 35mm. but this will do until I find one.



I hope you Like it.
Great work! I haven't seen many scratch built glaives on this board. The gem in the middle looks remarkable!
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