Krimzon Guard WIP

Delta 40

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Going to be starting work on my Krimzon Guard costume from Jak 2 soon. It's a costume I've been wanting to do for about 4 years but I've never been quite sure how to tackle. As you can see, the waist to upper body proportions are insane.

I have a plan now, after 4 years, and I really don't know how to convey it through words. I'll sketch it out sometime soon if I have time.

Obviously I won't look perfectly like the character model but I think I can get it at least close enough to not look super weird as the character.

So far I just have a sketch (I always do one to get a good idea of how everything fits together) and a brain full of ideas but I'm very excited to start work on it! It will be slow going, as this is a costume I don't want to cause large amounts of deadline stress and just also one that's close to my heart (I love the Jak and Daxter series) and I want to get right. My goal for now is maybe Toronto Comicon, but if I feel I'll need to cut corners to meet that goal I'll push it back to the next con in my rotation and continue doing that until I'm satisfied with the result.