Kraang Mask TMNT

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by thevitamink, Jul 30, 2016.

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    A guy i met at Dragoncon commissioned me to make a Kraang mask. sculpted in plasticene and cast in latex . ultrcal mold. he was going to handle eyes and teeth. This is one huge melon!
    12498888_10100719903459946_268201862_n.jpg 12528078_10100721418897996_1498914994_n.jpg 12490215_10100721418972846_11080659_o.jpg 12483133_10100721419047696_738907729_o.jpg 12583835_10100729208307956_1217909372_n.jpg 12540259_10100726996380676_183992120_n.jpg
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    awesome look ;o)

    I'm working on an update to a 4 year old CGI krang myself.

    the toughest part for me is getting the eyes and basic shape of the head looking 'right'

    wish I knew how to sculpt.
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  4. thevitamink

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    i can promise that looks a hundred times better than what i could do in a 3d program. looks good . have you tried zbrush? it's amazing.

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