Korbanth Y wing opinions and size question.


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I need some advice and measurements.

I wanted to know what experts thought of the Korbanth Y wing S.S. Model? It looks nice to me but I am no expert.

Is there an alternative?

Can someone do me a huge favor and give me the overall measurements of the S.S. Y wing. Just the total length and width? I am looking at space, etc.

Thank you so much in advance.


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Thanks for the info.

Isn't Nice-N the one who takes years to deliver, bailed on a bunch of owed models to make the Disneyland Star Wars Models? Am I mixing up makers??


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There is a guy on eBay who casts them for Steve/Nice-N.
Anyway, they pop up every now and again there. He’s out of Colorado.


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Nice-N is the best there is IMO. For mine I ended up with a hybrid of the Nice-N (Salzo casting) as the core, original Saturn V engines and a sprinkling of original donor kits plus a mixture of the excellent Studio Kitbash and Masterpiece Models greeblies.

I also have many leftover parts including some DaveG originals. If you’re in the UK, PM for more details if you think they may be of use.


I was under the impression that Steve had made good on his back orders... is that not the case?

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I’ve been waiting a year for one from Nice-n. He’s one of those guys that always promises the kit will ship in a couple weeks, then he disappears. If you can find one on the secondary market, great. In my opinion Steve is at best unreliable and at worst a crook.


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I have his huge U Wing as well. It's a little tougher but coming together nicely. Very happy with it as well.

I have had several of his Lightsabers and a Vader Chest Box, Belt and Box set I was very happy with.

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