Korbanth Anakin Lightsaber "Grip Guide"

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This listing is for a 3D-printed "Grip Guide" for the Anakin ROTS lightsaber. This allows you to perfectly line up the grips when you assemble the saber. This was specifically designed for the Korbanth Skinnyflex, but it should work for most Anakin sabers with minor adjustments. I only needed this for my installation, so I thought I'd pass it along now that I no longer need it. You're welcome to assemble your saber, and then use my photos/description to sell it yourself afterward. The winner will receive the exact item in the photos, so please refer to those for a closer look.

I'm asking $25 for this item. US Shipping for this item is $6. International Shipping is $30.

Thank you for viewing this listing!

DSC_1180.JPG DSC_1181.JPG

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