Knockoff Blade Runner Snub Nose Blaster


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So I've been working on a budget DL-44 (that you can see here if you want)...

and basically now I'm at a point where I'm waiting for one last part to come. So today I decided to take the $10 Chinese knockoff Blade Runner blaster toy I got on Amazon, and turn it into something a little cooler.


My original intent was to take the toy, and replace the revolving cylinder with another cylinder off of a pop gun I also got, but as it turned out the pop gun was WAY too small. So I made the decision to just cut that part out of the gun entirely, and made it a snub nose version instead.

image7 - Copy.jpeg

I also filed off the hammer they added.

image8 - Copy.jpeg

Here it is after some gluing (and I did at least salvage the pop gun by adding the trigger off of it).

FullSizeRender - Copy.jpg

I did a quick paint job, and I left the majority of it black, but I'm going to be buying some metallic paint for my DL-44 flash hider, so I may touch up some parts if I feel up to it. So there it is, my one day Blade Runner snub nose from a $10 toy. Cheers!

IMG_1327 - Copy.JPG

Wes R

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Yeah i saw them on amazon and ebay, they're not super cheap like he said but with some work they really do look the part.
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