Knights of Mayhem.....Anyone watching?


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I saw a few minutes of it last night and quickly figured out that is seems to be like all the other reality shows; it is going to concentrate on the manufactured drama between the people instead the actual subject matter, which to me is the more interesting part. That's why I can barely watch Face-Off. I'd rather see them actually doing the makeup part than complaining about the other contestants.


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I watched the first few eps and will not be watching anymore. While i find the whole concept of Jousting in armor and such incredibly interesting, these people calling themselves "knights" are anything but. There's lost of chest thumping, swearing, and some horse riding and a generous amount of forced drama. Where is the sense of valor, fealty, codes of conduct, chivalry, etc? Now I know that I'm romanticising the idea of a medieval knight, but if one calls himself a knight, he or she might as well try and act like it while off the horse.

As for the actual jousting sequences, they are brief and often get repetitive. This show like most other reality shows focus on the conflicts between the participants and little else.

Call me a stick in the mud, but lets face it, with the insanely high probability of serious injury and death in this sport, the idea that full contact jousting will actually make it as a mainstream sport is frakking nuts.


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I watched two episodes last night. While I did enjoy it just because it was something new, I can see where it will get old real quick. And only the one guy is paying for everything? Then he says he has to win in order for it to continue? Well, don't you think we better let him win? :confused

I probably watch it for a few more episodes at least. Just seeing those guys get knocked off the horses is good for a laugh or two.

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My dad dvr'd it for some reason. I was turned off by the commercials, it looks like a bunch of cavemen arguing. I'd rather go to a ren faire and watch those guys.


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Watched the first 2 episodes and was'nt impressed

Same here. I was hoping for a better code of conduct from it's members. Making some inexperienced fellow suit up so the 'boss' can teach him a lesson? I sure wouldn't be sticking around that group very long.


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I'd like to know where these tournaments they compete at are held. The idea of 'full contact' actual jousting is incredible interesting to me!

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Yeah my folks finally watched two episodes and couldn't put up with these guys either. They remind me of the guys on Gold Rush who seem to rather complain than do anything.


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I'm in the first episode, watching the joust. They put on a great live show with a buncha lance passes.


I was so very, very unimpressed with their,... 'champion' ... as he whined and puled like a little child when he was unhorsed.

I speak from a position of knowledge as I have attended and scored Jousts for 25 years. Never have I heard such childish antics from someone claiming to be a Knight.

As a very good Jouster friend of mine said: "There are those who strive to be Knights, then there are thugs who joust."

BTW: Patrick Lemke (sp?) is the best jouster I have seen since Roy Cox of the Free-Lancers!
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