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Hi, I'm Chris

I haven't really posted much here but I figured, this project was a good one to begin posting here with.
(Note, some of the pictures are screenshots from my phone, because the original pictures got deleted accidentally)

Ever since I began making costumes and props back in 2018, I've had a goal to build all five of Ben Affleck's Batman suits from the DCEU. The first one I tackled was the DOJ Batsuit, out of a modified Rubie's costume suit. I think, for two weeks work, I did a pretty good job.

With that one being complete, for now, I decided to get to work on the Knightmare Version. Here is a list of what I've done so far:

HANDWRAPS: Easily the simplist part of the the costume. I simply picked up some green fabric swatches, and ripped them into strips, which I then spray painted to dirty them up and then tied together.

HANDGUN: A toy gun from china, that I picked up off eBay. I simply primed it, painted it black (using rust-oleum for both) and then dry brushed some gun metal silver from Testors on the gun. For the Handgrips, I painted them in some pearlescent paint I picked up from Hobby Lobby (exact brand will be added later). Then, I sealed it. Only snafu was the bottom part of the magazine (IDK the technical term), so the magazine is stuck in the gun. I also painted orange on the front, to make it convention safe.
IMG_20190320_160831_744.jpg IMG_20190324_175027_537.jpg

SCAR-L: This was a little more involved, than the handgunwas. I ordered an airsoft version of a Scar-L off eBay. Once, I picked it up (In an oversized box). IMG_20190408_095150_017.jpg Screenshot_20190409-104123.png

I brought it home and began working on the paint. I used the same Testors gun metal color and dry brushed the whole gun. IMG_20190408_105717_434.jpg IMG_20190408_112029_305.jpg IMG_20190408_112029_328.jpg IMG_20190408_112029_304.jpg

Afterwords, I sent photo's to a couple of buddies on facebook. One of them, Paul, (who gave me the idea for the Rubies suit conversion) sent me some photo's of the actual prop, from when he got to see the actual costume on display. Seeing the brown color of the screen-used gun, I mixed up some brown, yellow and (later) grey acrylic paint. IMG_20190408_183107_320.jpg IMG_20190408_190354_715.jpg

I started applying it the the proper areas, first with and sponge brush and, later, with a makeup sponge. I'm calling the paint-job finished. Next, I'll work on the additional parts of the gun, like the Joker card and shoulder strap. IMG_20190408_183107_315.jpg IMG_20190408_183107_319.jpg Screenshot_20190409-105749.png IMG_20190408_193042_018.jpg

GOGGLES: This was a pretty simple conversion. I picked up some goggles off of eBay. I wanted to use sand on them originally, but I got them in november and the ground was frozen solid. I used some dirt as a temporary stand in, stuck down with Loctite. I wasn't crazy about how it looked, among other things the dirt kept falling off. So, after working on the Scar-L yesterday, I went out, found some sand in the road, scooped it up into a bag and brought it back. I used some loc-tite gel on the goggles and poured the sand on top of them.
IMG_20190408_211537_123.jpg IMG_20190408_211537_124.jpg Screenshot_20190409-105006.png IMG_20190408_211537_126.jpg Screenshot_20190409-105013.png
That cover's everything I've done so far for this build, as I add more to it, I'll add to this post.


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Chris VanVlair

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I haven't decided yet, I'm currently planning to wait until I have the rest of the costume finished, seeing as it all has to fit underneath the coat and I want to have as little restriction on my movement as possible.
awesome..what leather coat are you going with?
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