KNB FX Zombie at SDCC 2011 (lots of abreviations)


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I'm not entirely sure if this is the right section or not but I figured i'd take a shot.

So Greg Nicotero of KNB FX and Robert Kirkman joined forces to create a life sized zombie bust from the zombies in the walking dead comic. Now I am an insanely huge zombie fan (I own all of the sideshow zombie high end statues) and also a huge fan of the walking dead (been reading it since issue one).

The statue is limited to 25 pieces and is only on sale at SDCC. They said the price is gonna be 500 dollaroos (no, thats not what we call our dollar up here......*sigh* it's a loonie.

So anyways, is there a kind and generous soul here that is going to the show that could possibly pick me one up? I'd be more than willing to compensate you.



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Yeah, it would go great with my patient zero life sized bust from sideshow. Now I just need to find someone who can pick it up for me.


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yikes, that is amazing....yet creepy....

hopefully some-one helps you out.....may be extremely difficult....they are on sale preview night so they could sell out pretty fast


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Yeah, I'm not holding my breathe but it would be awesome if someone could hook me up.

Like I said, I can make it worth their while :p
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