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  1. Obi Sean Kenobi

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    Hi all,

    Too often we hear about deals gone bad on the RPF, to illustrate, the first post on the Prop Forum on the date of this writing deals with THEWRAPOFCONS. etc. etc.

    Not often enough are the praises of good reliable honest dealers sung amongst the RPF.</span> This post is one such post, lauding KM COLLECTIBLES ( owned by our very own George "Jedi Bailinkski".

    On late Monday afternoon, I ordered an MR Rebel Trooper blaster. Monday. Today, Wednesday, it was delivered to my office. Wednesday. Phenomenally fast shipping. Good communication. Great prices.

    Thanks KM.. :thumbsup

  2. Duck9000

    Duck9000 Well-Known Member

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    Good to hear that :thumbsup , but let me say: George is not only a great seller to do business with, but a nice person: He silently does favors for his fellow collectors (me included. :D )
  3. damon5973

    damon5973 Well-Known Member

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    I also have to say George is a stand up guy. we have had several dealings and I am pretty sure we were both happy. KMcollectibles has great I have seen anywhere from a retailer...
  4. Darth Fetty

    Darth Fetty Well-Known Member

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    I have to say that I had a great deal with him too.
    Like you, I ordered the blaster on a Monday, and got it on the following Wednesday. It sure was a nice surprise.
    Great price too.

    (I got it from him over on RS though- not that it matters)
  5. 7-11 Jedi

    7-11 Jedi Well-Known Member

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    I most whole heartedly agree, Fabulous guy to deal with.

    Not only does he have great deals, fast shipping, and quality stuff, but he's just plain a nice guy, something that's a little rare now-a-days.

    I also got a rebel trooper blaster from him during last months sale. My first MR prop, and I'm just pickled tink over it.


  6. Jedi Bailinkski

    Jedi Bailinkski Well-Known Member

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    Wow, thanks for all the kind words. I hope I continue to earn all the respect. :$
  7. jedi_adrian

    jedi_adrian New Member

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    Yo go George you the man.
  8. Smiling Demon

    Smiling Demon Sr Member

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    Got my Maul FX from him. Lightning fast delivery of a great product.. :thumbsup :thumbsup

    Kudos..... :)
  9. Jedi_Mansur

    Jedi_Mansur New Member

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    I'll add mine . . . . great guy.
  10. propsculptor

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    Glad to hear it. Nice to hear a positive thread about a seller..

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