Kloo Horn Custome Build.


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Im getting a Cantina Band member mask & gloves from thawn_es on here and the only thing I have left is the kloo horn.

This was my initial diagram


Which I then put together


Made proper 2d drawing from


and got them drawn up and modelled in 3d

11637855_10155727902900534_1781930717_n.jpg 11652154_10155727904120534_1769264851_n.jpg

My plan is to geth the basic parts 3d printed and then mould and cast them as sections so they just click together.

The first piece was test printed yesterday


I will also be installing electronics into the main piece.

I'll post a youtube link later on


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Hi there. Have you made any progress on this project? I'm putting together a Bith costume myself and I was hoping to find some/any plans for the instruments and am coming up blank?
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