Klingon Cruiser from Star Trek: The Motion Picture

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This is one beautiful model that I don't recall anyone ever attempting? At about 4 feet it's a good size for studio scale. I plan on building one eventually (probably late in 2005) and I know a couple of other folks who would like to as well. To get the ball rolling, we have an excellent thread going here:


One of our members has done a great job getting started on kit part identification. If anyone here can chime in, please help! Thanks!

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I saw this model in person when it was on display at the smithsonian in DC many years ago. I don't remeber it being 4 feet. It was on display next to a much smaller Kilngon model but my memory is telling me 2.5 maybe 3 foot. But it has been many years, I could be wrong, but I'd check your calculations on the 4 foot number. I might have some pics of it that I took (pre digital camera), I'll see if I can dig them up.

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It and the refit E were at Foundation Imaging for the special edition DVD we did. The re dressed K'Tinga sports all the original detail with all the new added parts and re paint.
It was larger then 3' I can tell you. I held it! And it was friggin heavy!!!


Has smaller versions of the picts a friend and I took. Scroll down and see. They are of Quonos One but that can help you see more.

What do I have to do to get larger version of these images posted?


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I am pretty sure it is arond 4 ft I have a few old starlogs left that have behind the scense at magicam with the bird getting its lighting systek installed and it is a nice size I also seem to remember the artical saying it was 45 to 50 pounds


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Hey there! If you send me the pics I will post them, they can be as large as you want! If you need help scanning anything, let me know. . .


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Well, this has now turned into the Klingon Cruiser Recreation Project! We have threads going on parts ID, reference material, and project details. I just put up a complete scan of an excellent behind-the-scenes <A href=http://www.starshipbuilder.com/cgi-bin/forumdisplay.cgi?action=topics&forum=Klingon+Cruiser+Recreation+Project&number=18>article</A> from American Cinematographer. Anyone who is interested in building or helping to build a recreation of this ship please stop by!


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After nearly two weeks of steady work over the holidays, I have completed my first study model/maquette of the Klingon Cruiser using Rhino 3D. This is my first time using this program and this is not exactly an ideal subject for building your first CG model, but I am very happy with the results.

For anyone who hasn't tried their hand at CG modeling, it's an amazing tool for building study models or "maquettes" to verify the dimensions of your studio-scale base structure are accurate before you commence construction.

The only other way to do this is to build a quick and dirty mockup to test your patterns. For some tricky structures I have had to do this 3-4 times in order to get it right which takes a LOT of time. With the digital approach, you can tweak and fine tune your model any number of ways and see how it will look before actually building anything.

To "prove" the accuracy of the study model, I posed it to match the angle of several known photos of the original studio miniature. First I had to figure out the focal length of the lens in each shot. Then I had to make sure I had a close match on angle, position, etc.

Once matched, each angle was rendered and then brought into Photoshop for a detailed comparison. Being off even 1 degree in rotation can have a dramatic effect on how things line up (and so can many other factors), so I repeated this process with no less than ten different photos of the studio model.

This way I could spot things that were off -- if they appeared wrong in more than one view, I knew it needed to be tweaked. On the other hand, if it matched reasonably well in at least three different views, I knew I had a very close match to the studio model.

The results can be viewed here:


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Wow, talk about taking a LONG BREAK from a project! This thing is finally going again. I started over completely from scratch in an attempt to get an accurate recreation using Rhinoceros 3D. I'm very close to being done with the 3D patterns.

I would like to thank several people who have helped out with reference and parts identification for this subject: Gene Kozicki, Jim Creveling, Lee Stringer, Marc Tognaccini, Alan Anderson, Will Babington, Phil Broad, Scott White, Steve Neisen, Richard Long, and Mark Dickson. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone.


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Folks.. just wanted to say Charles is the real deal when it comes to working with designing a project. His engineering skills are well... amazing! He is very good in listening to suggestions and quick to fix or change things to meet end product. Its been a blast working with him on this and I plan this Studio Scale K'Tinga kit to be a very nice complement to the studio Scale BOP I did last year. Come see it at WF 2015!! I hope to revive this thread once i get some parts in! Found a part that goes on the back need two.. 1/30 Nichimo Panther G.... any guess on available found price? Ebay......$400 ... ouch.. for 1 part..... but hey you gotta do what you gotta do.. lucky I found one in Sweden for $150 shipped!! Yay Sweden!!
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The wealth of skill/talent and the character of the "veterans" in this hobby is pretty astounding. I know I am constantly pleasantly surprised by how likeable, easy going and dedicated the people I meet from this hobby are.

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