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    so I am putting together a Klingon costume, debating between a traditional warrior uniform, as established in the motion picture, and more of a civilian look. either way I am starting with the accessories. First up, here are the spine plates I purchased from Katarra8 on ebay/etsy. amazing sculpt, supposedly cast off of an original screen used piece.
    I am very happy with the sculpt, however the paint looks very meh in person. (it actually looks way more metallic in pictures) I don't doubt that the paint job is very set accurate. however I am a painter and need to improve it.
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    went ahead and painted it with some water based metal paint
    now it looks much more metallic in person, without being too shiny. might hit it with some ink, which will sink into the recesses and add some more depth.
    also got this from Katarra8:
    very happy with the sculpt... but it is a little to bright and shiny. my Klingon costume is going to look a little worn, and used. gonna try to ink it.

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