Klingon bird of prey photon cannon


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Need help, do anyone of you recognize the greeblies on the end of the KBOP photon cannon? Take a look or better yetwould anyone of you happen to have a good clear pic of it.

Eric Bryan


Mike J.

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The rest of the images I have. Every image I have posted here has been 'tweaked' in some way to increase the visible detail. Do not use these for color matching.

Mike J.

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My amateur's opinion:

It looks to me that it has a sort of swiveling dish-like structure inside the 'mouth' that lights up when it fires. However, there are scenes and photos that show no 'dish' and only a sort of hole where the dish structure would presumably plug in.

I think it might be an optional part, or something that was originally there, but was lost or broken over time. IIRC, the wing up/down mechanism also stopped working eventually.

Comparing the pic Eric posted with my pics, it seems like that may be an entirely different gizmo than the 'other' one. I don't seem to see any areas where the orange 'rectangles' texture might show, or be illuminated. It also seems too 'domed' to me. If I had to guess, I'd say that was a prototype or replacement part.

All totally guesses and opinion.

-Mike J.


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Seems to me that it depends which version of the studio model you want to replicate?Sometime between STIII,the TV shows and films it appeared in that new parts/details were added into the KBOP and the main canon because the photos are showing different details.I often wondered if ILM built a much larger secotion of that part of the model for close ups?I've not seen or heard anything about if they did that or not?

Mike J.

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JPolacchi, that sounds like a possibility to me.

When they needed a close-up of the wing cannon firing, they built a special, large stand-in.

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