Klingon bird of prey model build.


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Hello there RPF members, this is first model I will doing as a fellow member myself. the model i will building is a Klingon bird of prey from star trek the next generation. though i'm not a huge star trek fan. i think think this model will be a neat project for me to. wish me luck on the build, thanks.
Klingon bird of prey model build. update1

welcome to a updated thread for my Klingon bird of prey model. the model is going very well. i'm going to be painting a few of the parts while the model is not fully assembled. i'll try to take and upload a few photos of what i have done so far when i get a chance. thanks again.
that cool, i'm a bigger star wars fan than a star trek,so thanks a bunch.

I'm a much bigger fan of Star Wars than Star Trek also, but I've always really liked this Klingon ship; it's an awesome design. I have the older, original one and also the newer release that allows for displaying with the landing gear and loading ramp to be extended, a la Star Trek III/IV. Otherwise the same ship, just an extra display option.

Looking forward to seeing how you do. :):thumbsup
I look forward to seeing this "Klingon Flea Trap's" construction. My all time favorite ship in the Klingon Armada.
Just a suggestion... Make it unique, not just something straight out of the box like everyone else. I put a tremendous amount of detail in the KBOP ertl kit. The weathering is the most important part.

Here are some pics of a couple of KBOP I built for clients, I was able to salvage from my crashed hard drive. Take a look. I hope they inspire you.

BOP PROGESS 1 pictures by sponge_617 - Photobucket

cannon sensor and fusion reactor pictures by sponge_617 - Photobucket

klingon bird of prey pictures by sponge_617 - Photobucket

klingon bop kit pictures by sponge_617 - Photobucket

photon tubes pictures by sponge_617 - Photobucket

Star Trek Pictures pictures by sponge_617 - Photobucket
thanks for the suggestion, it will certainly help in the long run. right now i'm currently working on painting the primary colors then i'll start working on the detailing and weathering before i assemble every thing together.
KlingonSniper, did you cut out that panel on the wing? I've never seen anyone do that before! :)

Those birds are beautiful! Love all the detailing! Love it!

BTW, y'all, here are some reference pics I've grabbed: KBoP!

-Mike J.
I love this Klingon Bird of Prey. I really love seeing these models getting built. Not too many of these out there.
Yes, I cut out the panel and filled it with piping and greeblies. I'm getting ready to build another. This one will be the Bounty for a client in Miami. Ill post progress pics. I chopped alot of that kit up and rebuilt it. Deepened the belly, custom built the rear main thruster, added rotation gears and sensors to the wing cannons, hours of detail to the wings and overall body, added more detail to the neck.....
i just showed some of the progress of the model last night to a few of my friends and so far their responses have been great, plus i think i know someone i might sell the model to when i'm finished.
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