Kitbuilders Mag backissue?


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Anyone have any idea which particular backissue has Joe's buildup of the female pred where he added the scorpion to the base? Here's a link to the actual kit.

This One Hurrr

I haven't been able to spot the particular issue in the catalog on the Kitbuilder's website.

Thanks, guys!


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I tried emailing them as soon as Al posted, and I still haven't heard back. I'm gonna send a follow-up tonight or tomorrow and if I make any progress I'll letcha know.


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Your not gonna hear from the people at Kitbuilders because the magizine is no longer being printed. Check out the Culbhouse for all the stink!


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Well, I WOULD go read about it at the Clubhouse, but it's not letting me register... What's the stink on the stinktuation? Last I'd heard they were selling issues, but only online? In PDF Format or something like that?

Are they still selling their paints? Please, God, tell me they are...
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