Kirk and Spock figures from the latest film


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Less than a week after completing the Han Solo Mini Bust conversion I'm off again. This time, I want to capture the new Kirk and Spock, in approximately 1/10th scale.

Trying a different technique for the faces, basically using a scaled paper printout of the actor's face in 2d with the aim of adding 3d features to it. You'll see what I mean in the shot below.
Here's his side profile glued into place. It's taken from a shot of Pine arm wrestling the Shat. WTF! From here with side and front views set to the exact proportions of the actor, I just start filling in the remaining blank areas. Obviously, this sounds easier than it is.
As I mentioned, not easy to do. The attached shows my fourth attempt. I've used a lot more 2d photo templates backed with plastic sheet to build up the planes of his face and head.
Sorry for the complete lack of posts. The hi-jacking of the old site threw me. This link is on hold as I've started a film project, "I am the doorway"; the Stephen King short story as part of his "dollar babies" project. That said, I've been building things ranging from space suits to space capsules and even an eviscerated pelican corpse.
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