Kingsman: The Secret Service (Looking for Tactical Vest)

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    So I have been been looking for a tactical vest recently and most of em do not fit my taste, however ever since I watched Kingsman I have been on the hunt for a particular vest. As pictured in below is a tactical vest, I did some digging around all I came up with was Eggy holding an M4A1 while training to become a kingsman. I could not find anything related to the vest used in production so I turn anyone on here for help identifying the vest or a look alike. One of the characteristics of the vest that I enjoy the most is the neck guard. Not much of a bulky neck guard but more or less a collar.

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    It's a Interceptor Body Armor (IBA), with SAPI Plates (that's what gives it the flat center and those ridges on the edge). In the scene with him running, it is un-velcro'd (or has come un-done). The neck collar is a separate piece that uses standard snaps to hook into webbing on the interior of the vest. The front part of the neck collar (the yoke) is missing, but that's pretty normal. it was very restrictive and overall a pain to deal with. (based on personal experience)

    You can find plenty IBAs surplus these days, go the airsoft route (recommended for the SAPI plates if you want them). Black will be a bit harder to find than UCP (US Army digital pattern). But you can find it.
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    Yup, bike is spot on. the used ones often come with the soft armor still in them, which adds a ton to the weight and price (most I've seen go for around $200.00). if you can, ask your army surplus place if they can get a hold of a replacements kit for the vest (it comes as a full set, but is meant to get parted out to replace damaged or... well... bled on cloth parts of the armor). it comes with all the cloth parts (including groin and arm armor) and is likely to be more in the $20 price range. if you want to bulk it out, and have it light weight, those foam "puzzle piece" floor mats can be cut to the right size, and put into the soft armor interior spots.

    Black basically won't exist, but the armor is supposed to be quite accepting of spray paint.

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