Limited Run Kingsman The Secret Service: Carnwennan 9mm Resin Cast


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Hey gang,

I have successfully molded and casted my "Carnwennan 9mm". The cast will be raw and in black resin. They will need to be trimmed, sanded, etc to be finished. This will be limited to 10 spots. If you really would like one finished, you can shoot me a PM and we can discuss it. The price will be $115 shipped within the US. For internationally sales, I can quote shipping and paint them a bright color if necessary. I have enough resin on hand right now to cast about 5 pieces. I'm not accepting payment just yet as I want to make sure I get quality casts. PM me or comment below and I will add you to the list! Thanks!

First Run Completed
1. Yarooon (kit) PAID/SHIPPED
2. Titanic - (kit) PAID/SHIPPED
3. Joshspiderman23 - (kit) PAID/SHIPPED
4. Propstuf (finished) - PAID/SHIPPED
5. UnitPD (kit) PAID/SHIPPED
6. Sold off site
7. Sold off site
8. Sold off site
9. Sold off site
10.Sold off site

Second Run Interest List

1. Darth Panther - Shipped
2. Mechanized2400 - Finished
3. MorbidCharlie
4. Kypod
5. Yaroon -Shipped
6.Treganna -
7. Sentry02 - Shipped
8. Incept Date -
9. Joeycanton

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Alright folks,

as expected there are a few air bubble where the pins are. My question is, would you like me to included replacement pins (they are small half beads) or would you like me to replace and install them on your casts?



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replacement pins is ok for me:p


Ok I'll send a few as they are pretty small. It's really easy to install. Just shave the resin pins down with a razor blade then just glue them on.

I'm filling some air bubbles for you guys because I have OCD.


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I have three casts that I really like that turned out great! These will still need to be finished but I have taken care of some air bubbles and did a bit of cleaning some of the casts while I waited for castings to cure. I'll be changing this thread to a limited run and I'll be sending out some PMs too. Thanks gang!
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