Kingsguard(Season 6-ep6) Game of Thrones -By Jules Delgado Gallardo


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Greetings from sunny Puerto Rico !
I'm a blacksmith from Puerto Rico , currently working on The Kingsguard armor from Game of Thrones Season 6-Episode 6(the one with the Light of the 7 on the breastplate).
I plan to have it all ready before December(Hopefully ).

Because of this armor is mainly for cosplay/costume , I've decided to not make it wit heavy gauge steel . Its mostly composed out of 18 gauge steel and 20 gauge and leather.Still deciding on how to paint the armor.
I plan to not use synthetic materials .

Reference Pictures:
2.JPG 4.JPG P85QAh.jpg

Part I : The Breastplate :
13418727_10153743523633087_4994119436764163618_n.jpg 13417531_10153746578313087_5011510119925874431_n.jpg 13445667_10153746578438087_5768741475783783557_n.jpg
After rolling the edges:
13450261_10153748408968087_2836934716180574387_n.jpg 13450278_10153748409103087_4349282585526489812_n.jpg

Raising the ornaments :
13530698_10153771850463087_1768906508_n.jpg 13530734_10153771850443087_1250772743_n.jpg

Assembling the Breastplate
13530433_10153771850418087_1349107128_n.jpg 13530686_10153771850183087_1976994168_n.jpg

More Updates coming soon !
Next part to be made - Helmet


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