Kingdom Hearts: A tale of two Keyblades


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First off, yes I know this is an older game, but recently my daughter just got into the games and loves them. So since there is a Kamicon coming up in Alabama at the end of the month I figured I would make her a Keyblade and let her have some fun cosplaying a little. So back at the beginning of January I set out to find some templets to make the famous Keyblade. Well I looked around for a few hours and could not find what I really wanted, I wanted to use some existing cardboard tubes and foam I had. So I figured I make my own template going off of the image online

2015-01-19 13.26.56.jpg

Turns out it was pretty easy and a lot more fun than printing and cutting out a pattern from online.

So I cut everything out, and glued it to the large tube that I had (from a 36 plotter paper at work, I get tons of those when they throw them out). And I think it looked pretty good.
2015-01-19 15.05.47.jpg

The kid loved it :)

2015-01-19 15.11.37.jpg

and it only took me about 2 hours from creation to cutting to gluing to get it this far.

So I have a keyblade for her, and of course I'm going with her but I didn't want to bring my Ironman foam suit, so I decided to make my own keyblade. Cut to a few more hours of looking online to find a design that I like and I ended up with the Total Eclipse keyblade.


Off to make a template by hand and scaling it the way I wanted. A few hours later of drawing and measuring out and I had my templates and foam cut and ready to glue

2015-01-23 19.58.49.jpg2015-01-23 21.44.58.jpg

The next weekend I went looking for clothes that would work for my daughter to look kinda like Sora (which I later changed my mind on and decided Organization 13 for both of us would work and I already had a black cloak for me and got her on for $8 off amazon). While I was out I also planned on stopping at the local craft store to get some wood to support my blade. But I got a better idea and saw a bucked of golf clubs for $0.99 and got one of those instead, it would make a great support for the blade and give me a leather wrapped handle without doing it myself so Time saver :).

2015-01-24 21.04.29.jpg2015-01-25 15.21.48.jpg

Now it was time to decided how to seal it, I've used Plasdip before with my Ironman suit and like it, but I was trying to keep this all under about $30 for both of us, so I decided to try out the fridge/oven enamel spray for half the price and see how it worked. A test piece of foam later and it gave me a nice sealed finish that didn't melt the foam, that I could then prime and paint over.

2015-02-07 15.31.33.jpg2015-02-07 15.31.20.jpg2015-02-09 07.10.04.jpg

Now as of Today, I'm almost finished with both blades the Keyblade I'll finish up this weekend if the wind isn't blowing to bad, and then maybe seal them both with some matt clear-coat spray. As for my Total Eclipse blade, I've got one side finished painted and got the other side to do before I'm done.

2015-02-12 16.19.56.jpg2015-02-12 17.25.33.jpg

I hope you all enjoy this, I know I did and it was a lot of fun to finally do a free hand build :). I'll update with final pics and pics from the event in the weeks to follow. Thanks for reading
All right as an update, say for my first take of making a Keyblade is done.

Here are the Keyblade and Total Eclipse Keyblade swords Tell me what you think :)

2015-02-15 16.35.53.jpg2015-02-15 16.38.24.jpg
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