Kingdom Heart Terra keyblade.

Mordor Brass

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Hi there,

Here my Terra´s keyblade from Kingdom Heart. It´s a nice piece for show replica or cosplay.
It´s made in MDF and PVC. Sandi, primer and paint. Paint with hammered effect. A simple construcion but nice finish.

Thanks for watching.


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Very nice work...:):thumbsup

Saw your Flicker photostream and I say "Daym, you're a professional"...

Keep it coming...


Mordor Brass

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Hi guys, thanks for yours comments.

pRoJectEarth7, I follow closely your work. IM costume is my mind but i need wait for end all the projects.


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hey, quick question about your build. Sorry about asking here even though the answer is probably on your Flickr. I can't access that site right now because i'm at work...

I am about to start an End of the Earth keyblade also, and I had trouble figuring out how I'm going to attach the MDF to the PVC. I was just wondering how you did it?

it looks like the keyblade as a whole is one piece. Did you end up splitting the PVC pip in half and glueing it on each side? also, what are the holes in the handle area for?