Kilowog Green Lantern Head sculpt


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So heres my first go at sculpting!
After seeing Graphic Jordan and Stealth produce some beautiful work in this area lately I figured I have to try this,it just looks so damn fun!!!

So heres a few pics:










So guys, Like I said first time trying this so all crit/comments very welcome!!


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Looks excellent, not sure but is the top of the nose supposed to be "off" it just looks bulkier on one side than the other. And the left eyebrow looks sort of flat-ish. Unless this is'nt supposed to be symetrical. Other than that the sculpt looks perfect so far. You're going to have a lot of fun doing the wrinkle work.
I see we also have a fellow Van Aken clay user. Man that stuff is hard to sculpt with unless you stick it in a oven to heat it up. But when it's cooled down it's a pain.


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I have to say I have never tried sculpting before, but I have to say that is incredible. Well done so far! I'm looking forward to seeing this done! I have to say I'm fairly new to the RPF, I've seen some amazing stuff on the mando mercs and 405th boards, but the stuff you guys do here are just astounding. I'd be a happy man if I had half of the skill of all of the crazy awesome prop designers I know. Well done!
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