Killing your favorite superheros?


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YouTube - ‪how to dead.‬‏

^ Link above was actually requested by quite a few people , i was surprised to find many were intrigued by my makeup ... im no makeup artist , or lady for that matter lol but yes... lay down your make up then add your favorite accessories ...contacts , vomit ...and a batman cowl .. then run down the street garbling !




i love disgusting ... if any of you are curious about any of the makeup , most of it was cheap drugstore makeup for this particular costume ;) go get your wives while they sleep and paint them into the undead .
Great, not again. Alright, i'll be over shortly to remove the head and burn the body. Thank god we didn't eat those smores the other day. Least I'll have a meal with your end.
HAHA im seriously so happy a tragedy did not take place during the storm while i was doing this ... could you imagine the neighbors .. and their overweight heavy breathing chasing me with baseball bats
if prosthetic you mean paper from the toilet ...YES! i linked the video up top but the photos kinda eat it up ... you can watch me be gross and try to figure out what im doing lol ...
LOL i would get thrown off face off for peeing in the studio and disgruntled yellings at competitors .... im surprised facebook let me do my thing as long as i have been without giving me the boot ....and if were playing queen songs tonight its going to be the flash gordon theme! lol ... i do not deserve any badges over here ... on a thread a few hours ago there was a man in full witch king suit .... holy bag of d@#ks ..dorks .. bag of dorks ..what an awesome suit it was , seriously cant get over it
Yeah well I´m pretty sure he got the "RPF witch king of the month" badge, so there´s plenty of them for everyone.

Oh and Brad still needs the "RPF kid scarer of the month" badge, I guess ;) It would be interesting to see what sociological and psychological side effects it has to be the child of an RPF member ;)
That is really great work....thanks for the helpful tips....maybe i can talk my wifey into doing this.....

may i post this on our facebook page?
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Nice video.... lol I watched that amazed that you were sticking toilet paper to your face, definitely reeled me into watching the entire thing because I was just really curious as to how you were going to pull that off. Bravo.
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