Killing the new leather smell


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I was wondering if anybody here had some tips on dealing with an over powering new leather smell. I picked up a new holster from the sportsman guide, and if I leave it hanging in my studio within an hour I can't even breath in there. So I have it stashed in a rubbermaid bin presently.

Now, I'd love to age down the look a bit too, so my hope is that there is a technique for taking care of both.

I did a little research on google, but the results involved using vinegar, which I was unsure about.

Thanks in advance!


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The guy that wrote that article reads like a tool. The smell of leather is awesome. :lol

Really? "Rancid butter"?


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Shutting it up inside a tub is probably going to intensify the smell. Would it be safe for you to hang it out a window for a few days? Airing it out and exposing it to sunshine will help cut down on the smell and put a little age on it.

If it's veg tan leather, you can also soak it briefly in lukewarm water. Submerge it until the leather stops fizzing, pull it out, pat it dry and set it somewhere temperate for about a day to dry. Don't use heat - it can cause shrinking, and will make the leather hard and brittle and prone to cracking. Soaking it can pull out any leftover tanning chemicals, which should mellow out the smell.

If you're using it to holster a real weapon you might also want to take this opportunity to seal the weapon up in a bag, put it in the holster and gently shape the leather around the gun. The leather should hold its shape after a little working, so get the gun out before the water has a chance to sweat through the bag.

Once it's good and dry, you might also want to work some lanolin into the areas where you need it to be flexible. That will make the leather more supple, and will also simulate the sort of wear you'd put on it by handling it or wearing it against your skin (lanolin is sheep sebum).


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Thanks for the tips Shendorion. I appreciate that. I can hang it in the garage, so I think that's what I'll try. I can't hang it outside.
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