Killing a vacation day with a FM Tie fighter


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I am in the midst of two weeks of vacation time I had to use or lose so I killed one of the days by building the supposed scaled 1/48 TIE fighter. I wasnt shooting for any particular version, just a generic fighter.
I purchased this photo etched set from Acreation.

I painted it in haze gray and sonofagun if it doesn't look like different colors in different lighting.


It turned out reasonably well considering its size. However, I just cannot work decals that fracking small and I really had problems with the size of the Acreations pieces too. So much so I used only exterior pieces and left the cockpit stock. Even this close to it you cannot see much anyway.
I really need to build only larger models.
I had pulled out the 1/48 snowspeeder to start today but I don't think I want to build it. I'll find something larger.


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Nice work! I'm building the same kit with the acreation pe set. I agree, the pe is just a pain to put on right, to be honest I've started to ask my self if it's even worth it. Nice to see one finished though. It looks great!



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If I had to do it over again I would have skipped the acreations kit. The model is just too small. I would have just done a bit of sanding on a few of the really innacurrate bits and called it good.
I have been keeping an eye on your build as well and look forward to its completion.
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