Killian Jones coat


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So I have a fabric pattern for what appears to be this coat from Once Upon a Time, however there are two different versions of the long duster style pirate coat, one with a quilted inner lining and the other has some sort of studs on the collar with either brocade or tooling on the leather itself over parts of the coat. I'm wondering if I could get some input on where to find either the screen used fabric for the first version or some better pictures/screenshots of the second one. Much appreciated!

EDIT: I found pictures of the two different versions, still no luck on figuring out the fabric for the lining on the first, nor on whether the red trimmed version is tooled or if it has some sort of fabric brocade on it.
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Photo Oct 13, 7 32 23 PM.jpg 13320001_10154188726475561_3850896656091362061_n.jpg 13516635_10154242650730561_8023051350621679232_n.jpg 13592623_10154259026310561_1914832073031656398_n.jpg13332841_10154177992230561_5543642824139769500_n.jpg
attached pics of my variant done in leather with the leather vest from earlier seasons. black leather on black suede with gold stitching. also the shoes he used in the show is fluevogs
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