"Killer Shrew" Bust


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A while back I'd ordered a 5-pound pack of Monster Clay, of which I've heard good things about. Recently I decided to finally try it out and see how well it performs compared to my usual plastalina clay. Firstly I'll say that I'm completely sold on Monster Clay. LOVE this stuff. It's a much more forgiving medium than standard oil-based clays and it's got a remarkable elasticity unmatched by anything else I've tried.

So as a test, I wanted to see if I can sculpt a killer shrew bust inspired by the, um, timeless classic "The Killer Shrews" (don't ask my why I picked this as a subject). Since this is primarily an exercise on the clay's performance I'm not replicating the exact designs used in the film but rather my own idealized interpretation, while being respectful of the original. (No teeth yet)


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