Killer Frost/Caitlin Snow - Cosplay Advice?


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Hi all,

First time posting, second time cosplaying. I am a fan of the CW Flash and really want to cosplay as Killer Frost/Caitlin Snow from the TV series for Comic-Con this year (for 3 of 4 days).

I just wanted to get a sense from other fans if my concepts are intuitive or if you think nobody would get it. I'm mostly looking at Options 1 & 2, as being full Killer Frost is cool (ha!) but I'd rather be more creative with it. Also need to consider cost, time, and temperature.

Option 1: ½ & ½

  • Caitlin Snow on one side of body
  • Killer Frost on other side
  • Stitch clothing together or wear Killer Frost clothing under lab coat
  • Sew blonde and brown wig together (warm)
  • Most creative idea, more fun

Option 2: Turning Meta

  • Caitlin Snow turning into Killer Frost
  • Brown and platinum blonde extensions (I have brown hair)
  • Silver/blue contacts
  • Pale blue lips
  • Killer Frost clothing under lab coat
  • Probably the easiest and cheapest, but less intuitive? (Would anyone get this?)

Option 3: Killer Frost

  • Killer Frost all 3 days
  • Silver/blue contacts
  • Full platinum blonde wig (warm)
  • More time consuming in mornings

Thank you! :)



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I say option 2 for sure. I think it offers a bit of both Caitlin and killer frost. It gives you more a a chance to be creative.


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I think option 3 would be the most recognizable. I haven't seen many cosplays of her. I think it would be awesome!
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