Kill bill 3

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by astroboy, Aug 20, 2015.

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    Ambrosia Kelley, who played Copperhead's daughter, is 20 years old now.
    It would be cool if they could cast her again.


    only problem is that she seems so nice and sweet today to play a person with a life dedicated to vengeance.
  3. SofaKing01

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    That was the rumored plot I read about 10+ years ago. It's a perfect set up and makes total sense. We'll get to see her back story (probably in anime fashion) and then follow her until she meets up with "BEEEEEP" ;)
  4. Withers

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    It would seem weird to call it Kill Bill 3 since Bill is already dead
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    The story's been told. Time to move on.
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  6. SmilingOtter

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    It'd have to be "Kill the Bride" or "Kill Kiddo." Since the daughter probably had no idea of her mom's past, she would feel completely justified in getting revenge.
  7. astroboy

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    I like "Kill the bride"

    What about "Kill Bill: epilogue"

    - - - Updated - - -

    At the point I would also be happy with a full length cut of the two put together
  8. PoopaPapaPalps

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    Isn't there a dvd release coming out soon that's exactly that? The originally-intended 4 hour cut? I think Adam Savage mentioned something like that on a podcast some time ago.
  9. crabra comander

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    Bill's heart exploded...but his corpse was reanimated and now the five finger death punch no longer works...:wacko

    But seriously, Elle could become a blind master that levels some knowledge of Bee's weaknesses to the girl. And Tarantino's good at making something that should be corny be totally awesome!

    So I'm all for it...

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