Kili's Runestone- The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


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Hi all,
I was watching the extended cut of the movie a few nights ago when my wife mentioned that she would love to have a replica of Killi's Runestone. It's mentioned in one scene when he and Tauriel are flirting after he is captured. The trailer for the movie shows the stone having greater significance later on. I don't really have much experience with stone carving at all but once my wife identified that the stone is labradorite I found one on ebay and did the carving myself. The Weta version that they sell is cheap and plastic judging by the reviews : (

First step was of course buying the stone. I found one on ebay that ended up costing about $15 bucks.


I found a template for the Dwarven runes online. It says "return to me" and was given to Kili by his mother. In photoshop shrunk it down to fit my stone, then printed it out real quick on to a piece of masking tape and stuck it to the stone. I used a small, round carbide bit to slowly start carving out the runes.


Once I had some shallow carving laid down I removed the tape and tried to refine the lines with a slightly larger tapered dremel bit. Lastly I re-polished the inside of the carve lines with some neatsfoot oil to eliminate the rough chalky finish.

The finished product turned out pretty good


The carving could be smoother but it resembles the prop.



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Your rune stone turned out wonderful! I have seen several for sale online, but yours is much better. Well done!
The Weta prop is actually pretty good for the price. I just received it recently and am very pleased. Of course, it does not look like real labradorite, but it is nicely re-created and feels good in the hand, in my opinion. :)


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Thank you. I made this for my wife. I considered the WETA one first but my wife is kind of a stickler for stones and gems so I had to go with real labradorite. Like I said, I know very little about stones so I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is compared to how awesome it looks.


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Nice job, I bought some slabs of lab several years ago and have thought about cutting one I also have thought about buying weta's. Yours looks really nice