Kids Stormtrooper/CloneTrooper Costumes, what's out there?


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I've been looking at different kids as in my girls are 3.5 yrs old and absolutely LOVE the Stormtroopers. :thumbsup

Awesome huh?:lol

With Halloween around the corner, I think they'd love their very own costumes...but my searches keep bringing up all sorts of options. From cloth style armor to all other kinds.

So what exactly are my options for 3yr old's?

There's a wicked cool custom set in the JY, but it's for a taller child, and I need 2 sets. Looks like the entire family will go Star Wars themed this year and I really want to set up my kids with something really cool, fun...but practical because they're still pretty young.

Help me RPF, you're my only hope....

Thanks folks,


Jango Wes

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3... Thats gonna be awfully small to fit. Most TK/CT sets are for older kids. I bought a set for my nephew on, but then again, he was 10 when I bought it for him. Your best bet is eBay or



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There is a very innacurate TK available via ebay auction, but it is designed for kids aged around 8+ ( despite what the auction might say ). It can be made to fit a smaller child, as show in the picture below , however it takes a bit of work.

There may be a new source of slightly more accurate junior TK in the next six months or so. ;)


My son Lucas aged 4+1/2. He's now 6 and it still fits.


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I think the site was I may not be 100% sure on the site name but I got armor from them for my 6 year old brother. Fit perfectly.


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Thanks guys.
That's some pretty cool stuff.
I guess I'm looking for something more along the lines of fabric in design.
Something like this...sorry for the big pic.


But there are so many to choose from...hard armor is cool, no doubt but my girls are 3 yrs old and I'm worried about comfort. I don't think they're quite ready for real armor.

What are my options with soft armor designs? Printed, or otherwise?

Thanks again for the suggestions.

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