Kid's Optimus Prime - FINISHED


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Here's my first attempt at building something like this. I'd say I'm about 50% completed with construction at this point. This is by no means "screen accurate" but in the opinion of my 5 year old is "so cool" so I'm happy with that! Any ideas or feedback are welcomed!

IMG_20160905_153544692_zpsfl2shqc6.jpg IMG_20160908_163358053_zpscaenrepm.jpg IMG_20160920_161527846_zpsa3tada13.jpg IMG_20160920_161545165_zpswogzbxdl.jpg IMG_20160922_160904044_HDR_zpsgbnhsm3c.jpg IMG_20160926_111549116_zpsigwvedr6.jpg IMG_20160926_150539323_HDR_zpslaryuexh.jpg
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Re: Kid's Optimus Prime - WIP

Very cool of you to build this for your son :cool I hope the costume will be a success


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Re: Kid's Optimus Prime - WIP

Thanks! No, the helmet top is a kid-sized hard hat. The rest of the build is cut from foam board.


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This is awesome! I made my Optimus Prime G1 and showed it to my nieces over the holidays. I'm now in the process of making them helmets...your idea to use the kids construction hat is awesome, and I'm borrowing it. I'll post some pics once its done!
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