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Has anyone ever made kids costumes ? such as sponge bob, dora , muno from yo gaba gaba . befoe this site I was ordering my costumes from peru . peru costumes they do look like the charters but everything is glued nothing is hand sewed . does rip easy becuse it all made out of foam
Are you looking to make one of those costumes yourself or are you looking to commission someone to build one for you?

Either way, I'm sure you'll have some folks offer to help out. Joe and I started a thread where people can share what they've created for their kids. It's located: HERE. It's got lots of cool examples of the things our forum parents have built for their kids! :thumbsup
I've seen photos of a sponge bob done. Wouldn't be that hard if you can get to a fabric store or target and get some large Matress top Foam.

Foam cuts pretty easy, so you could cut out the dimples to look like a sponge. Could either go 2D or more 3D with it, by either putting two thin halfs together, glued on the inside- just around the edges would be a good start. Just leave openings for arms and legs... or maybe the bottom section completely open to get into it (pulling it over like a big shirt).

Option B: glue foam onto a larger cardboard box on the outsides of it for a more square 3D look.

paint on or add to it the eyes, features and add the top part of the pants and a belt to the lower section... and then just wear same color pants so the costume and pants blend together.

I think it would be pretty easy to pull off. A foam latex paint over the whole thing should seal it pretty well.
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