Kid's Captain America First Avenger Shield


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Inspired by Valor's excellent thread and materials list I am planning building a Cap shield from a metal sled. However, UPS decided to destroy my sled, so that project is on hold. I have used some of the materials I have gathered for my project to build a shield for my son's Halloween costume.
Cost so far, $3.86 for the pizza pan from Walmart. :thumbsup
Lesson learned, I need practice at etching the star and masking circles...:wacko

$3.86 for the pizza pan from Walmart.

Locating the center of the pan.

Creating the "spun" effect.

I really like this frog tape.

Duplicolor Anodized red down.

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Because of the overwhelming interest in this, here are some more pictures.
It is a little rough, but I have learned a lot and my full size build should go smoothly. My son could care less about the flaws and is ready to play with it.