Kick-Ass Costume- help!


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Oh wonderful, illustrious members of the RPF- I need help!

I am currently making a chick Kick-Ass costume and am stuck up a creek without a paddle when it comes to those stupid gloves.

After enduring the arduous task that was making a pair from scratch for my chick Zapp Brannigan, I am highly in favor of taking the laziest of lazies route with this costume and just buying a pair. Does anyone know where I could procure something like that?

Quick note- yellow rubber gloves with tread on the palms or gardening gloves aren't going to cut it for me, unfortunately. Any recommendations, tips, or hints?

Thanks so much all!



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A farm or agricultural supply store might be your best bet. They look similar to protective electrician gloves, but those are pretty pricey, over $100 at I've done Big Daddy, Hit-girl and Night Bitch, but not Kick-ass (yet ;) ) The more I look at them I don't think they are rubber but vinyl. They are definitely sewn gloves so rubber seems unlikely. I'll probably end up making mine from scratch but I did find these with a google search for yellow super hero gloves: Gloves
and this thread might be helpful
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